Feed My Sheep

Feed My Sheep


Financial donations are the most efficient way for our organization to meet the emergency needs of individuals and families. Small items such as collections of food and goods are greatly needed.

Non-Monetary Items, Underwear, Socks, Soap, Towels, Wash Clothes, Hand Sanitizers, Water, Baby Items.

Drop-off point for Items: (please reserve a time with HHM at 404.734.2369 or admin@hhmj3c.com)

Address: 1669 Phoenix Pkwy, Suite 100  Atlanta, GA 30349


•By Mail with Check or Money Order

Make your check or money order payable to Heavens Harvest Ministries and mail to:

Heavens Harvest Ministries

1669 Phoenix Pkwy, Suite 100  Atlanta, GA 30349

OR Click Below

Contributions to Heavens Harvest Ministries, Inc., a tax-exempt organization of the Internal Revenue Services Code, are deductible for computing income and estate taxes. The Heavens Harvest Ministries is not a government agency; our programs and services are made possible primarily through the generosity of individuals, businesses after all free slots PiggySlots and foundations who give voluntary gifts of time and money. As a volunteer organization, Heavens Harvest Ministries is able to stretch its resources even further and be the best possible steward of your gift.

Thank You for helping Heavens Harvest Ministries help others!

Please give as God directs to Bless His sheep. ICYB!